M2s Cup Match vs Tulse Hill and Dulwhich – 13th Oct 13

Old Bordenians  1 – 11  Tulse Hill and Dulwich

Well, the Old Boys 2nd XI did not win on the road but did lose gloriously to a rampant Tulse Hill & Dulwich side. Old Boys looked the better side for several periods including a 33 second spell in the second half! Despite their obvious dominance throughout the Old Boys were very unlucky to concede 11 goals on the break but did score through Luckhurst. At the end, a more veteran Youdale described it as ‘total hockey’. Oh & Fordy said, ‘I saved a flick’, so well done to him. However the 2nd XI did manage to score more than one goal on the day, however they went in the wrong net in the eyes of OB’s! Sage, Conway, Lamb and Ford all on the wrong side of the own goal rule.  Hard cheese chap

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