Old Bordenians  0 – 0  Marden

The second meeting of the newly formed FRANChocky U14s Super Sevens League saw the (not so) Old Boys put in another solid performance to go unbeaten all day. Travelling to Brom Becks the boys played Marden first and had to adjust to the bouncy pitch quickly resulting in chances going missing however strong performances from Ciaran “The Hitman” Higgins at the back helped keep a clean sheet for OBHC’s goal keeping prodigy Hayden “The Peacemaker” Conn-White. The game ended in a 0-0 draw which was a fair result, going into the second game the team knew their were goals to come and knew how to get them.

Man of the Match goes to Ciaran Higgins.

Brom Becks  0 – 2  Old Bordenians

The next game was against the home team Brom Becks with some talented individual players the lads had to be on their toes. Right from the off the boys were dominant creating some great chances through some superb interlinking play down the right hand side it was only a matter of time before the account was opened and that it was with Finn “The Chatty Man” Byrne diving at the back post deflecting the ball into the back of net, one for the cameras. Off the ball the team worked tirelessly not giving the opposition an inch working for each other and supporting each other on and off the ball Luke “The Reducer” Thomas being the linch pin that held the middle together. Brom Becks came back with some great chances however they couldn’t sustain the pressure and the new wonder-boy on the block Jerome “The Techno King” Kuda smashed the ball home. Scoring for the second time in two outings when asked what his secret was “…it’s down to my pre-game cocktail of fizzy Haribo and hard German Techno which gets me going…” Interesting. Anyway the boys came away with the 3 points, well done.

Man of the Match goes to Finn Byrne.

Burnt Ash  1 – 1  Old Bordenians

With tails up the boys were looking for another win however Burnt Ash proved the toughest team of day Old Boys found it hard to break them down and lost their aggression in front of goal. Going into half time at 1-0 down Coach Iain made some excellent and much needed tweeks which proved to be the answer as one half of the arsenal Tommy “The Gun” Gunner finished off a great attacking play. From there on in it was end to end stuff with both teams making chances but not taking them all credit goes to Benj “The Other” Gunner putting his body-on-the-line to make tackles and blocking shots. Burnt Ash kept asking questions putting the mottley crew under pressure but couldn’t find that second goal hardly breaking into the Old Boys D due to some tireless back tracking and defending by Harrison “The Hat” Devoy who over the course of the day found his feet repeatedly putting balls through to the forwards who just couldn’t get that final goal.

Man of the Match goes to Harrison Devoy.

To view all results and leagues click here. A big thanks goes out to Wilson’s Barmy Army who avidly support from sideline following the team where ever they go, COME ON OLD BOYS!

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