L2 v Folkestone – 10th March 2018

Folkestone – 3
Old Bordenian Ladies 2nd X1 – 2
Old Bordenians started strongly with some great link-ups between Rosie Spence and Helen Parrish. A long corner allowed Amber Oxberry to drive to ball into the D and flick the ball past the ‘keeper, 1-0. Folkestone answered bac:, Old Boys did not set quickly enough and their player was able to take advantage, driving into the D and scoring: 1-1. Shortly after, a short corner saw Helen Parrish sweep home a second goal for Old Boys. With little left of the game, Old Boys needed to hold the lead, and Iyioluwa Ayoola showed some great goal keeping to keep Folkestone at bay. Unfortunately, a quick turnaround and an unmarked player in the D saw Folkestone equalise. With minutes left, Folkestone were awarded a penalty flick, which they slotted home to take the lead. Rosie Spence fought back, but unfortunately ran out of time making the final score 3-2 to Folkestone. Player of the match went jointly to Rosie Spence and Iyioluwa Ayoola.

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