M1 v Lewes – 24th March 2018

Old Bordenian 1 st X1 – 7
Lewes – 1
Old Bordenians last home game of the season saw them comfortably beat Lewes and secure second
place in the league table.
In the opening fifteen minutes, Old Boys struggled to settle into their normal game and Lewes were
firmly on top but from a Lewes short corner, an Old Boys counter-attack saw Iain Burwood score the
opening goal. Within five minutes, Jason Waitt and Sam Lund had made it three as Old Boys started
to assert some dominance on the game. On the stroke of half time, Lewes did score to keep them in
the game, however the second half was a different performance from Old Boys as they controlled
the match, giving Lewes no further chances. Waitt and Lund both added further goals with some
really good hockey being played, with James Elkin and, to everyone’s shock , James Henley finishing
off a resounding 7-1 victory.
With two re-arranged games still to play Old Boys are enjoying their hockey as the season continues
after the Easter break.

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