M3 – Tunbridge Wells – 24th March 2018

Old Bordenian 3 rd X1 – 3
Tunbridge Wells – 0
It was obvious from the start who was controlling the game. It was not long until the Old
Boys were attacking the T Wells D and it was thanks to those reportedly quick reflexes that
Gary Pointer was able to pick the ball up from a save and slide the ball between the keeper’s
legs. Following this period of pressure from the home side, a strong cross from Steve Dale to
Sammzi Bahrawy lifted the ball to a clear a diving keeper, giving the old boys a lead of 2-0 at
The second half started well for the Old Boys with continual possession and the ball being
transferred between the back line without any worry. It would have stayed like this but a
misplaced pass from the left gave the visitors the break they needed to put the Old Boys
under pressure. However, thanks to a series of saves from Jake Anderton, the home side
kept the score at 2-0. With only ten minutes left of the half, the Old Boys were awarded a
short corner and it was during this scramble that Matt Cook was the last to get a touch
before the ball found the net off the keeper’s palm making the final score 3-0. Old
Bordenians now have that extra pressure of knowing they could win the league with their
next game, away against Old Williamsonians.

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