M3 v Old Williamsonians – 7th April 2018

Old Bordenian 3rd X1 – 3

Old Williansonian 3rd X1 – 2

After the Easter break, OBs travelled to Rochester for their first rearranged game, knowing that a win would keep them on track to top the league table. Within the first ten minutes they had the rude awakening that they seem to normally need, as Old Williansonians got the first goal. Following this eye opener, Ryan Young received the ball outside the D and was able to drive down to the base line and get a square pass to Sammzi Bahrawi on the P spot who, with his second shot got the Old Boys back into the game. Taking control of the game, the Old Boys started to move the ball around and a seventy yard pass from Samzzi Bahrawi to Craig Stone in the D gave him the opportuntiy to beat a couple of defenders and secure a goal, giving the OBs a lead of 2-1 at half time.
From the start of the second half, OBs were able to continue the style of play with which they had finished the first half. A counter-attack from OWs produced a long ball from the half way line and with some effort from Gary Pointer he was about to catch up to the attacker and take control of the ball. It was a shock to the rest of the team when he took the ball in front of goal and passed to the nearest opposition! It was thanks to a great save by Craig Mulder that the old boys kept this away from goal. After was a period of pressure from OBs, Ryan Young took a last minute dive to get a touch on the ball but the umpire spotted it was back of stick and the resulting goal was disallowed. Creating another similar opportunity, Ricky Dale sent the ball into the D and Ryan Young was able to get his stick onto the ball deflecting it the right way into the goal. OBs won the game 3-2 and are looking good for being top of the table.

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