Old Bordenian Hockey Club hosted the Kent School Games Hockey Qualifiers on Monday at Borden Grammar School. The morning saw 8 teams compete in the Year 3/4 competition, with Minterne Junior School winning after a dramatic final against St Georges going down to ‘golden goal’. The afternoon was the turn of the year 5/6 students. This competition saw 7 teams compete in a round-robin tournament with Minterne going undefeated to win the competition.

Old Bordenian Hockey Club coaches supported the event and they and young leaders from Borden Grammar School officiated the competition. All players were presented with medals and ‘School Games’ certificates for participating in the festival. Alicia Nolan, School Games Organiser, said ‘It was great to see so many students having fun and working together, I hope we have inspired a few future hockey players’.  Alan Wilson, Chairman of Old Bordenian Hockey club said “We are delighted to host this tournament which was clearly enjoyed by all and has encouraged even more players into the great sport of hockey”.













To find out more about playing Junior hockey or joining OBHC please click here or email us direct on info@obhc.co.uk

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