Exciting times down at OBHC HQ with the new sand dressed carpet upgrade well underway. It’s been 3 years in the making but through hard work and determination it’s finally happening with the old sand based carpet being rolled and new high end sand dressed carpet being rolled back down.

This is the first of a number of facility upgrades OBHC has in the pipeline to improve the hockey environment and playing facilities. The Club will be one of only four Clubs to own a high end sand dressed pitch which bodes well for the future of the Club and it’s playing standards. Further pitch upgrades will follow being new goals, pitch dividers and a whole rostrum of new sponsors.

Club Chairman Alan Wilson who has been instrumental in achieving this milestone commented “…it’s fantastic to see the old pitch being rolled up: the old pitched served us well some 14 years but the new pitch is the start of the next 10-12 years of the our great Club’s journey, everyone has contributed and looking forward to watching all teams this coming season…

The pitch is being officially opened by Olympic Gold Medal Winning superstar Susannah Townsend on Saturday 15th Sep more details to follow shortly and watch this space for further updates when the new carpets being laid via the website or Instagram.

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