M3 – Sevenoaks – 6th October 2018

Old Bordenian 3rd X1 – 3

Sevenoaks – 1

Following on from the success of last week’s first league game, the Old Boys travelled away to Sevenoaks. From the start it was obvious that this would be a tougher game; Bordenians seemed to struggle for the first 10 minutes. Gradullay, OBs were able to start showing periods of control of the game. With the ball heading out to Dave Philp on the left, he was able to drive into the opposition’s quarter and get a strong strike on the ball and it was Craig Stone who got the final touch and sent it past the ‘keeper. Within the next few minutes, Ciaran Higgins was attacking at the top of the D and got a shot off, which put OBs 2 – 0 up after a deflection of an Oaks stick. The 2-0 lead resulted in OBs switching off briefly as a single Sevenoaks player was able to walk past the Bordenian midfield and put them back into the game. With both teams knowing that they needed to push to get the next, it was frustrating when the ball was stopped on the line by Richard Phillips’ body giving Sevenoaks a penaily flick. It was thanks to an amazing drive across the goal by Craig Mulder that the ball bounced off the sidebar, leaving the score 2-1 at half time.
With a surprisingly calm and direct team talk at half time, the Old Boys knew they had to keep the ball and ensure that they had the chance to win the game. While pushing up from defence into the oppositions final quarter, Ricky Dale made a strong pass to Craig Stone for a shot on goal which was saved and the ball bounced back to Dale who was able to react quickly and shot the ball into the back of the net giving the Old Boys the final score of 3-1, ready for the next home game against Sutton Valence next week.

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