L2 v Maidstone – 3rd November 2018

Maidstone – 1
Old Bordenian Ladies 2 nd X1 – 7
The ladies faced Maidstone this week and got off to a great start pushing forwards and pressuring
their D. Maidstone defended well and their goal keeper made some spectacular saves to keep them
in it. However, Old Boys kept up the pressure and eventually Kelly Seager managed to slip it past the
keeper from the penalty spot. Claire Hales won possession in the D and eventually scored from a
close range shot. A lapse in concentration saw Maidstone make a break and win a penalty corner,
which they managed to strike home to make it 2-1 at half-time. After the break, Old Boys continued
to fight and pressure with some excellent runs and balls into the D from Emma Carter, who was
player of the match. Claire Hales scored another 3 goals, slipping them past the keeper from short
range. Iyioluwa Ayoola made her debut on pitch and within minutes of coming onto the pitch scored
a well hit goal from the edge of the D. Maidstone conceded a penalty flick which Amber Oxberry
pushed past the keeper. The final score was 7-1.

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