M3 v Folkestone – 3rd November 2018

Old Bordenian 3 rd X1 – 5
Folkestone – 5
After their last two disappointing weeks the Old Bordenians travelled to
Folkestone wanting and needing to get a result and show that they do have the
ability to stay in the league they have just been promoted to. From the start it took
the away team a few minutes to get their heads into the game and it was during this
time that Folkestone were able to exert the pressure they needed to have dominated
the game, During this period of pressure Folkestone took the lead. With this kick to
remind them, the Old Boys were able to get a series of plays from the push-back
and it was after multiple tries at goal from all the forwards that Sam Shaw was able
to get the last touch and even the score. With their continued pressure on
Folkestone it was not long until Jacob Birch was attacking the left of goal and was
able to get a superb reverse hit to give OBs the lead. Battling to keep control of the
game, it was Sam Shaw again who was able to beat the defenders and get another
goal for the away side. With a change of players Folkestone were able to bring on a
really talented substitution and brought the score back to 3-3 at half time.
Missing the usual passion at the half time team talk from Captain Craig Stone, the
Old Boys had to rally themselves and it was with a change to the marking strategy
that the Old Boys were able to cancel out the primary playing sub from the first
half. It was with one of the rare short corners that the Old Boys were awarded that
Richard Philips was able to get the ball directly to Dave Philp who slipped the goal
past the keeper giving OBs the lead again. Old Boys continued the pressure and it
was Sam Shaw getting his first hat trick for the season who gave the Boys their
fifth goal. OBs were pushing hard to get the final goal so that they could get the
win they had been working hard to secure. Making the final score 5-5

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