M3 v Anchorians – 12 January 2019

Old Bordenian 3 rd X1 – 2
Gillingham Anchorians – 0
From the start, OBs put the home side under pressure and attacked hard with strong passing
and control around the whole pitch. It was disappointing finish the first half 0-0 after so many
missed chances. After a rousing half time team talk, OBs stepped up and raised their game..
This paid off when Ricky Dale made a wonder pass to Jacob Burch who drove in on the base
line, took a moment, and unleashed an amazing reverse shot that bounced off the keeper into
the goal, giving OBs the lead. With continued pressure, it was not long before Matt Cook
controlled a high ball and passed into the D for Dave Philp to get the second goal of the game.
A fine performance from ‘keeper Craig Mulder ensured a clean sheet for Bordenians.

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