M3 v Folkestone – 16th February 2019

Old Bordenian 3rd X1 – 3

Folkestone – 2

Old Bordenian 3s welcomed a changed Folkestone side, only recognising a few faces from the previous game.  From the start it was obvious this was going to be a keenly contested game with both teams pushing hard to control the ball and dominate the game.  During the first half, the home side were able to pull off a few attacks on goal but it was the same for Folkestone, with Craig Mulder in the OBs’ goal getting a touch on all shots.  It was stalemate until the final minute of the half when Folkestone gave a shock to the home side when they scored the first goal of the game.

Old Boys came out after half-time stepping up to add further pressure to the game and it was with surprising calmness that Dave Philp passed the ball across the goal at what appeared to be a slow pace to a charging Craig Stone who missed all intended targets but managed to slipp the ball into the goal.  With the scores now equal, it was a strong attack from Jacob Burch who drove into the top of the D and with a strong hit on his reverse side gave the Old Boys the lead.  With the reassurance of this second goal, OBs came off the pace and it was during a period of pressure from the visitors that Folkestone were awarded a short corner.  It was with a cry of celebration that Ricky Dale cleared the ball for six as the shot came in at waist height to him defending the post.  With a quick break from the 16, it was with a series of strong passes along the line that the ball came to Luke Williams, on the right of the D, who slid the ball past the keeper giving the Old Boys the win at 3-2. 

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