M2 v Holcombe – 5th October 2019

Holcombe 2A X1 – 3
Old Bordenian 2 nd X1 – 1
OB men’s 2nd XI carried on their Kent division 1 league campaign against Holcombe 2A XI.
Bords had a tough start with Holcs applying loads of pressure on the defence, with the Bords keeper
Jake Anderton making save after save. Bords soon worked out that quick countering of the slow
build-up of the Holcs side was the best way to advance up the pitch, and a quick transfer across the
back found Sammzi Bahwary on the edge of the D to win a long corner. The Bords slowly applied
pressure moving the ball around the opposition D but the opposition fired a quick out ball to their
striker who found himself in a 1 on 1 situation with the keeper and the Bords conceded the first goal.
Unphased the Bords tried applying pressure again with hitting balls down the wings and penetrating
the Holcs D from the side. A quick ball up the line by Billy Attaway found Adam Klucsnik who drove
hard along the baseline and scored from a tight angle to take the score to 1-1.
The rest of the first half was a strong defensive performance from the Bords as Holcs started
winning more and more short corners. On the stroke of the second half whistle Holcs won a short
corner. Holcs worked the short corner well and with a mistimed clearance from Billy Attaway found
Holcs second goal.
OBs started the second half strongly with the front three of Adam Klucsnik, Jacob Burch and
Sammzi Bahrawi getting shots off and finding some momentum. The OBs’ defence were able to
withstand the pressure of continuing counter attacking from Holcs. With a few silly tackles the OBs
started to get carded and were feeling the pressure with 10 men. Eventually with some pressure the
Holcs managed to find that extra goal to finish the game at 3-1.

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