M1 v Sevenoaks – 7th March 2020

Old Bordenian 1 st X1 – 3
Sevenoaks – 3
OBs expected a tough game against third in the table Sevenoaks but they did not expect to be 0-1
down after only two minutes of play. Too many inaccurate passes gifted possession to Sevenoaks
and this, combined with an overly defensive strategy, allowed Sevenoaks to put the OB goal under
considerable pressure. This resulted in two more Sevenoaks goals before the half-time whistle. The
second half was an entirely different story: OBs found their self-belief and, with renewed
confidence, they reversed the balance of play. Richard Turner scored their first with an excellent
reverse-stick shot and, from a penalty corner, Sam Lund found the back of the net for their second.
The pressure was now all from OBs and Sevenoaks could not find the answer to the relentless OB
attacks on their goal and a melee in the D resulted in the equalising goal for OBs, courtesy of Richard
Cooper. Had the OBs’ first half performance been equal to the second half, a win for OBs would
almost certainly have been the outcome. Next Saturday, away to Horsham.

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