It’s essential that we as a hockey/sports club ensure the safety of every child that either plays for OBHC or trains with OBHC using our facilities.  You can never been too safe, it gives the reassurance to all parents/carers/guardians that their child is in safe hands and will be looked after.

All our coaches are minimum England Hockey L1 qualified.  This requires them to have completed a First Aid Course, a Safeguarding & Protecting Children Course and pass a DSB (formerly CRB) check.  We ensure that as a minimum an England Hockey L2 qualified coach is at every training session to oversee every aspect.

It is also a requirement for ClubsFirst Accreditation that we have two Child Welfare Officers who act as a point of contact for any child or parent that may have any concerns over safety.  Our two welfare officers are detailed below, please feel free to contact them regarding any concerns you may have;

Nicole Ward – 07756 100449

Child Protection Poster JPEG

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