At OBHC we understand the importance of club members who umpire games week in week out, without them the games wouldn’t happen and its not easy umpiring a game either.  Each week umpires from our club are asked to officiate games for M3s – M6s, L2s and Junior games and each week they turn out.  So next time you see an OBHC umpire give them a hug and congratulate them on a fine service they give to our wonderful club.

Who are they?

We have approx 10 qualified umpires within our club some officiate regularly others step in when they can below is a list and their qualified level;

Ed Carter (L1), Melv Packham (L1), Dave Crompton (L1), David Wherrell (L1), Lindsey Wherrell (L1), Sunjit Atwal (L1), Iain Burwood (L1), Lorraine Elgar (L2), Matt Roche (L1), Dave Palmer (L1), Josh Mitchell (L1), Mickie Willis (L1), Matt Blades (L1)

Our KHUA Appointed Umpire:  Nic Oliver

Within our extensive Kitstore Catalogue we have a designated Officials Range which all qualified umpires are entitled to purchase from and upon qualification and weekly officiating umpires are entitled to a free polo, click here to check out the range.

How do I get qualified?

Within the England Hockey Umpire setup there are three levels of qualifications L1, L2 & L3 each follow a progression pathway showing where they fall into place, click here to see the progression pathway tree diagram.  For more information on umpiring in Kent, Nationally and Internationally see the useful links below.  If you have aspirations to become a top flight international umpire you can further your umpiring qualifications and step up to the FIH progression pathway.

Want to become an OBHC Club Umpire?

In order to become a Club Umpire you need to complete your L1 England Hockey qualification as a minimum if you already have your a qualification L1 or above then you can become a Club Umpire straight away.

We’re always on the look out for new umpires to help out so if you’re interested in becoming a Club Umpire please speak Ed Carter or Alan Wilson.

Useful Umpiring Links:

Kent Hockey Umpire Association –

England Hockey Umpiring

Federation of International Hockey (FIH)

FIH Rules of