Way back on Easter weekend 2005 the mighty OBHC travelled to Hellevoetsluis, Holland to settle a age old score not knowing what lay ahead.  For years Iain Burwood (English) took abuse from his good friend Lindsey Slater (Dutch) over who had the better hockey team them, HC Voorne, or us, OBHC, naturally it was gratiously agreed that the Dutch were more than likely the better team for the obvious reasons.  However one Christmas evening 2004 following a barage of abuse Iain snapped;

Iain: “Right ok Linds there is only one way to settle this (and also shut you up) lets have a game.”

Lindsey: “What!?!

Iain: Yep I’ve had it my team will come to Holland and play your team and we will settle this on the pitch”

Lindsey: “Whatever Iain, you won’t do it”

Iain: “Yes we will, Carla will organise logistics and I’ll organise the boys. You just make sure you’re ready for us.”

The game ended up a draw in a torrential down pour with one of their umpires loosing it and stopping the game due to insubordination on their part, however the friendship had been forged and 10 years later we’re still going strong.  Every year we play each other taking it in turns to host the event over the Easter weekend, the main game on the Friday Mens 1st XI vs Mens 1st XI then tournament on the Saturday mixed with loads of beers and partying.  We love to party and so do the Dutch and combined all sorts of carnage occurs.

Each year it gets better and better with new experiences and friends made every time the old guard keep on going back mixed with new comers young and old (ish, eh Gow? What) only a priviledged few though have been present on all tours.  The event has cemented it’s name in tour history as the most epic, challenging, enlightening, side splittingly funny, physically demanding, weird, exciting, jaw dropping weekend that you’ll ever experience all in the hope of bringing back the coverted Alaine Wilsoone trophy.  A replica can be found behind the bar up the clubhouse as the original is locked away due to it’s high value.

Who are HC VOORNE?

HC VOORNE are Dutch hockey club based in Hellevoetsluis 30mins west of Rotterdam they’re a medium sized club in Dutch terms so approx. 500 members three pitches and grandstand seating the usual standard stuff.  Since the start of our friendship they have been nothing but welcoming, generous, friendly and the most amazing people to know and party with from junior to VET they make time for us and like to show us a good time and for those that have been on return leg of the Dutch Tour you know what is mean’t by that.  If you want to find out more click here to be taken to their website.

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