OBHC Juniors: 12-14yrs

The Junior section runs on Monday evenings 6:00pm to 7:30pm at OBHC HQ lead by Head Junior Coach Iain Burwood and assisted by Michael Neame, Michael Willis, Nicole Ward, Mason Shoebridge & Rachael Thompson.  The section and pitch is then split into U14s lead by Iain + Nicole, Mason & Rachael at one end and U16s/U18s lead by Michael Neame + Michael Willis at the other end.

U14s Team 2013U14s Section; At this stage in their hockey journey we work hard on their core skills push, slap, hit, feet work, 3D skills, passing, tackling, shooting, receiving really trying to nail down the basics which then become second nature.  They’re still growing at this stage physically and mentally so important to encourage taking a slightly less autocratic stance and try and get them to talk to each other and help each other bringing in a more democratic style of coaching/learning.

We enter an U14s team into the Kent 7-a-side League which results in approximately 8 games being played on Sundays against other clubs home and away which are taken by Iain, it is club policy to only play the U14s in 7-a-side half pitch hockey again inline with our Junior Syllabus, click here to find out more about 7-a-side hockey and the reasons/benefits.

We also focus on the after game social side of hockey after each home fixture hotdogs and refreshments are available up the clubhouse where we all vote for Man of the Match, put some music on and have a bit of down time together.  The social side of our hockey is what sets us apart from other clubs it forms a good basis for our Juniors click here to find out more about our social scene.

U16s & U18s Section; These two age groups are put together purely for development purposes.  The U16s will now be playing Senior hockey on Saturdays (totally optional) which can be a little daunting at first so by having the U18s in there, who have been playing Senior hockey for at least two years, they can help and impart their knowledge/experience again promoting a democratic environment.  It’s good to talk!  Game play, game phases are the main focus understanding presses, developing short corner routines etc.

We enter an U16s 11-a-side team into the Kent Sunday Leagues each season which results in approximately 12 games being played against other clubs across the county, the team is taken by Michael Neame.

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