L2 v Bexleyheath & Belvedere – 7th October 2017

Bexleyheath and Belvedere – 2
Old Bordenian Ladies 2 nd X1 – 4
After a blow last week, the ladies came out with a point to prove. They settled quickly into the match
with some great team link-ups from Rosie Spence and Helen Parrish, providing some shooting
opportunities. However, a quick turnaround saw BBHC take advantage and win a short corner, from
which they scored. OBHC fought back, not letting their heads drop and a well placed Lou Short shot
slotted one in on the back post to make things even. Another quick turnaround saw BBHC score a
second goal, though it was not long after that Kelly Seager cracked the ball into the top corner after
playing on from advantage. After half-time, the girls quickly got back into the game. Some fantastic
runs and individual skill from Rosie Spence, player of the match, saw her score the third goal. The
final goal came from open play, with Amber Oxberry slotting one past the keeper to finish the game
4-2. Next week the ladies play Maidstone.