The OBHC Junior Setup

Here at OBHC we take our Junior section very seriously after all they’re the future, we currently have over 40 members in our Junior section which grows each year.  Below is a run down of how our Junior section is setup and run.

Minis & Juniors

Our Junior section is split into two main groups Minis and Juniors, the Minis are ages 4 to 11yrs and the Juniors are 11/12yrs to 17yrs.  Each group is then split into two further groups 4 to 8yrs and 9 to 11yrs in the Minis group and then 11/12yrs to 14yrs (U14s) and 15yrs to 17yrs (U16s/U18s) in the Junior group.  Click here to view the start times and dates of the coming season for all the weekly training sessions.


Junior Coaching FolderWe one of a few Hockey Clubs in the county and even country that have a Junior Hockey Syllabus for ages 4 – 14yrs.  Written by Andrew Wilson our Club Coach it draws on all his knowledge and experience gathered from coaching at various different clubs across Europe forming a structured training plan which harmonises our coaching practises with our mini’s/junior’s physical and mental development as human beings.  It is like our bible and is an essential part of our structured and organised youth section, to find out more about this very important document click here.  For 15yrs to 18yrs our coaching is structured around England Hockey’s Junior Coaching Syllabus.


We have 12 dedicated qualified (click to find out what that means) coaches within the Junior setup, 7 which coach the Mini’s and 6 which coach the Juniors.  The whole setup is run by Junior Head Coach Iain Burwood who is also lead coach for the U14s group to meet Iain and the rest of the coaches click here and to see where they all fall into place click here to view our current Youth Section coaching structure.


It’s essential for a successful junior section to have structure and transparency ensuring that participants fully understand where they’re and how to progress forward onto the next level and what that next level is.  It provides a progressive end target for players so they can understand  what we expect them to achieve and when.  It demonstrates organisation and professionalism to parents/guardians knowing that their child will improve and progress to the best their best potential.  It ensures that all juniors regardless of age and ability are treated the same and given the same opportunities at the appropriate time.  This provides a visual goal for the players which can act as a stimulant for them to want to push and work harder to achieve success and ultimately enjoyment in the training Rewards Cardand playing hockey.  Click here to see our clubs Progression Pathway, if you wish to find out more or have a questions please speak to Iain Burwood.

In order to give back to our already commited members we run a rewards scheme, if you attend and complete a training session you get a Shield stamp collect six official Shield stamps and get your next training session free.  Easy everyone likes something for free.