OBHC Minis: 4-11yrs

Minis: 4yrs to 11yrsMini's Training Squad

The Minis section is run at OBHC HQ (where is that? click here to find out) every Sunday morning 9:30am to 10:45am by lead coach Annette Bahrawy and four further assistant coaches Tom Chapman, Louis Brown, David Hendry and Sammzi Bahrawy.  The section is then split into two age/ability groups with the youngest 4 – 6yrs taken by Annette and Sammzi and the higher group 6-11yrs taken by Tom, David and Louis.

All the drills and sessions are planned by Annette using our bespoke Junior Hockey Syllabus ensuring that they get exactly the right amount, level and type of coaching inline with their stage of growth.  It’s essential that we engage and develop them physically and mentally to make sure they get the best out of the sessions and go on to be the next Jason Waitt or Paul Stone.

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