Here at Old Boys we love a good tour whether it be in this county or abroad. We’re up for anything and anything goes, we have a long history of touring teams and many veterans who have been there, seen it and done it. From the days of Wilson (Chairman) and Sagey at the Thanet Festival to Minty and Carter at Newbury or Burwood and Hallsy in Holland.  End of season tours are an essential part of any Hockey Clubs social scene. It’s the perfect opportunity for club members to get together and celebrate post season. Touring is open to all club members but you do have to be 18.

Who is Minty and who are Team Badge?

David James Henry Wherrell or Minty as he is commonly known is an interesting guy.. he likes a Jamesons and he likes hockey… perfect!  He is our tour leader and rep, the man to go to for info and to book a place on a tour although places are hot property so you need to get in quick.

The Club tours we attend include Newbury and Basingstoke festivals which are not taken seriously at all. If you’re looking for a serious tournament, these are not it. It’s all about the socialising and banter.


Hmmm…Newbury…this tour can make or break you depending on who you hang around with.  Run by Newbury and Thatcham HC it’s all grass hockey and the focus is on who puts on the best show rather goal tally. Perfect for us.  Stretched over the early May Bank Holiday weekend its 4 days of camping, drinking, hockey, drinking, hockey, bit of sleep, drinking, hockey, partying, drinking, camping, hockey. Oh and don’t forget to eat something.


Or Amazingstoke as it is now named is a whirlwind weekend held in mid to end of July from Friday evening and return on the Sunday. As soon as you’re there you’re on your way home.  We tour as the side Tour Till we Die (and thankfully no one has died yet, although Minty came close once). This tour has maximum numbers we can take and there’s already a waiting list.

How do I get a piece of this action I hear you cry?

If you want to join us on a tour Contact minty at comeontheminty@hotmail.co.uk and he will make sure you are included and updated nearer the time. We normally start taking names down after New Year for the summer tours so get this in your diary Old Boys!!