Welcome to the OBHC World Tour, us Old Boys love a good tour whether playing hockey or just sampling the delights of where ever we are has to offer, Holland is always a favourite – love the Dutch.  Anyway, we thought wouldn’t be a good idea to see how far, high or low we could get our brand across the world hence born the idea World Tour.  Here you can upload your photo of wherever you’re wearing your Old Boys brand, each year we will hold a presentation for the furthest, highest, lowest and most ridiculous entries.  If you wish to enter your photo please e-mail to info@290.f46.myftpupload.com confirming name and location and we’ll do the rest.  ENJOY!

TOP 5: Distance (Miles)

1)  Jamie Henley – 10547m

2)  Roy Trute – 9358m

3)  Liam Foster – 8969m

4)  Richard and Nicola Ford – 7728m

5)  Lucy Palmer – 7249m

TOP 5: Altitude (Feet ASL)

1)  Neil Hall – 12,000ft  /  Roy Trute – -16ft

2)  Iain Burwood and Jo Wilson – 7215ft

3)  Sunjit Atwal – 6463ft

4)  Vic Cork and Kate-Louise McCay – 1500ft

5)  Hannah and Matt Hopkins – 850ft


-34.420298|19.205413|V Cork and K-L McCay|V Cork and K-L McCay, Hermanus, SA 6037m ::51.156083|0.627875|N Hall Esq|Headcorn, GBR 13m ::52.936749|-3.914310|J Calder|J Calder, Snowdonia, GBR 237m ::-32.007438|115.875211|L Foster|L Foster, Perth, AUS 8969m ::51.393557|-0.129298|I Burwood and C Pohio|London, GBR 37m ::40.721310|-73.996609|H & M Hopkins|H & M Hopkins, NYC, USA 3504m ::-8.376656|115.118905|R & N Ford|Richard and Nicola Ford, Bali, IND 7728m ::1.283317|103.847106|Richard Ford|Richard Ford, Singapore, SGP 6714m ::42.529924|1.721392|I Burwood & J Wilson|I Burwood & J Wilson, Pas Del La Casa, AND 610m ::36.909912|28.498247|Sunjit Atwal|Sunjit Atwal, Turkey, TUR 1727m::35.783857|-113.355437|Jo Wilson|Jo Wilson, Grand Canyon, USA 5169m::21.280797|-157.836814|Lucy Palmer|Lucy Palmer, Waikiki Beach, USA 7249m::51.920371|4.460556|Willemijne Vernie|Willemijne Vernie, Leonadis, NED 166m::22.892190|-109.923578|Paul Clunn|Paul Clunn, Cabo San Lucas, MEX 5825m::52.374683|4.903021|Sunj, Neamo and Fosh|Sunj, Neamo and Forsh, Amsterdam, NED 192m::48.858119|2.294178|Andrew, Jo and Claudia|Andrew, Jo and Claudia, Paris, FRA 185m::51.555948|-0.279538|Burros, Jay Dizzle and Stoney|Burros, Jay Dizzle and Stoney, Wembley, GBR 46m::-33.890174|151.277187|Jamie Henley|Jamie Henley, Bondi Beach, AUS 10547m::-16.447950|145.467177|Roy Trute|Roy Trute, Great Barrier Reef, AUS 9358m::