SJK SPORTS INJURY CLINIC – OBHC’s Official Injury Partner

SJK Logo White BorderWho are SJK Injury Clinics? – Sittingbourne: 01795 ? / Maidstone: 01622 220224

SJK are experts in injuries and specialists in sports injuries.  Setup and run by Simon and Jayne Kavanagh, SJK provide the complete injury rehabilitation from diagnosis to cure via a tailor made recovery plan.  Simon is a fully qualified degree level sports therapist who has been practising in Maidstone for over 10 years working with various sports teams including Maidstone united FC 1st Team, Barnet FC Ladies & Youth Academy, Gillingham FC Youth Academy and Kent County Rugby.  SJK also specialise in talks on sports injury prevention, rehabilitation, sports nutrition and injury management.

What is a Sports Therapist?

Sports Therapists are the experts when it comes to soft tissue injury and impaired movement injuries making SJK Injury Clinics the experts in getting OBHC members back on the field.  Originally setup in Maidstone they recently opened a new clinic in Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne, which is run by Louis Arnold, all club members are welcome to use either clinic.

Why Choose SJK Injury Clinic?

20 off logoWell as a full paying club member not only do you get a massive 20% off all treatments but you’ll get the reassurance of a proven track record of quality injury diagnosis and then a full recovery plan to ensure you’re back on the field as soon as possible.  At your first visit a comprehensive examination and assessment will be carried out and an appropriate course of treatment will be recommended.  This may involve mobilisation, electrotherapy, remedial exercise, soft tissue massage, manipulation, cryotherapy, sports nutrition and biomechanics.  Individual exercise programmes may also prevent further injury whilst undoubtedly enhancing performance.

Whatever your injury SJK will provide a comprehensive service that will help you recover quickly and return you back to activity promptly.  The key to most injuries is injury specific rehabilitation which is where Sports Therapists come into their own.  Our aim is to enable all patients, whatever their standard of sport or fitness, to receive treatment and rehabilitation levels comparable to that enjoyed by elite sportsmen and women.  SJK will be more than happy to liaise with other sports specialists on your behalf including our coach, fitness instructor and exercise physiologist.

What if my injury is not sports related?

…not a problem.  Your injury will be treated in the same way as any sports person but your rehabilitation won’t have to be so intensive.  lucky you!  Now you can go back to the gardening or walking or the everyday activities you enjoy.

What about Hockey?

Hockey is a very demanding sport on the body physically the very nature of the body position puts stress on your lower back and quads making it one the most demanding sports around.  Injuries are common place not only with muscle strains but from player to player and ball and stick impact (GKs especially), torn ligaments and broken bones are common place particularly to the fingers and toes and sometimes the ankles, limbs and ribs.  Not forgetting skin abrasions from the pitch it’s easy to see why injury recovery and prevention are essential, it’s a hard sport to play carrying an injury.  Add to that the speed of the game the constant running the roll on roll off subs, the self pass rule you basically don’t stop for 70mins only having a 10min half time break.  To ensure maximum performance for you and your team its essential to complete these SJK 5 top tips;

Warm Up:

In any sport warming up the muscles is very important it prepares the body for the physical exertion it’s about to be put under as well as prevents potential injury.  The most recognised warm up in hockey is the dynamic warm up, repeated stretching through various movements i.e. you don’t stand still.

Warm Down:


It’s important to ensure your body is fully hydrated at all times, before a game, during a game and after a game.  When you sweat your body looses essential salts these salts need replacing to ensure you don’t suffer from fatigue



SJK work in close partnership with OBHC’s Mens and Ladies 1st XI Squad’s to ensure their maximum performance each season by producing pre-season strength and conditioning plans to ensure we’re ready to hit the ground running (no pun intended) as well as nutrition plans covering pre-game, during game and after game so that we’re prepared for and recover properly from our physical efforts whether training or playing games.  These plans are top secret and are not available to the general public however I’m sure if you ask one of the 1st XI Squad members they will give you some tips.

They also work with the squads and on an individual basis to improve mentally by providing psycology talks and sessions at various points in the season to improve individual performance as well as squad cohesion and thus performance.