Are you a seasoned player looking for a new club?

Are you an experienced player looking to start playing again?

Are you totally new to sport and want to give it a go?

Have you played at school and want to learn more?

Are you looking to join as an official?

Are you a coach looking for a strong framework to further your experience?


Then look no further you’ve found the perfect hockey club for you.  Young, Old, Big or Small our club offers a friendly, safe and exciting place to enjoy your hockey whether you’re a player or spectator, umpire or coach, parent or friend we welcome you to our Club.  We offer weekly training sessions so if you love playing then we can satisfy you thirst for the game, if you’ve never played before we can train you up within our ever growing extensive coaching framework AND your first session is free!  We take pride in our ability to offer this to all our club members, all our officials whether coaches or umpires are all England Hockey fully qualified and we constantly look to improve and grow our setup.  Our facilities are some of the best in the land with our large Clubhouse parked right next to our pitch you’re never too far from the game or the social.

Contact our Chairman Alan Wilson on to find out more we’d love to hear from you even if its an impartial chat.

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